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Interesting Facts about C.A Course.
  • CA is one of the courses where no place for reservation exist, unlike IIT and IIM and we students are proud of it.

  • The chapter we skip for exam, has the highest weightage in paper, it has happened with me most of the time, only chartered accountant things.:P

  • The bitter truth: 40 could be pass, but 59 could be fail.

  • CA students are the only species that have shortcut of calculator in their phone

  • After American CPA, ICAI is the second largest accounting body in the world

  • Since 1949, behind every successful business, there is a chartered accountant.

  • CA is not a tough course, but a course for a tough people.

  • Behind every successful auditor, there is an article

  • Every CA students have girlfriends/ boyfriends i.e their practice manuals and study materials.:P

  • CA students celebrate Diwali two times during the year: May and November, only chartered accountant things. Isn't it friends?


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